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“During a period of great change for our organization Susan played a critical role as our interim Compliance Officer. In a matter of months Susan learned the inner workings of the organization and gained the trust necessary to assist us in building our compliance program. Given all of the challenges Susan was presented, along with limited time given to accomplish the task, Susan’s work was invaluable as was her calm demeanor and logical approach. I can’t say enough about the role Susan played in our success.”
—Dr. Greg Johnson, CEO, Foundation Health Partners
Fairbanks, Alaska

“I have known and periodically worked with Susan Walberg for close to ten years. Susan’s leadership is frequently illustrated by her teams growing confidence, commitment, and motivation – the positive impact is quite easy to observe.

Susan possesses a wealth of knowledge in Healthcare Compliance and related disciplines. One of her great strengths is her vast insight and understanding of hospital functions/operations, the responsibilities of most hospital positions, and what specific skills are needed for each role.

Susan’s seemingly innate ability to assess the experience level, knowledge, and skills of each individual for their particular position is quite rare, and extremely helpful because gaps in any hospital operations, policies, or functions, and/or any employees possessing inadequate training or knowledge for their specific role can and does dramatically impact an organization’s risk.

Susan’s Compliance and Risk Assessment abilities would be of great value for most any healthcare related organization.”
—Jeff Clinchard, Managing Director, Point10 Consulting, Inc.
Boulder, Colorado

“I am the HIMS Manager and Privacy Officer for a multi-specialty clinic with 52 providers. Our facility decided to end its contract with a large organization that we had been under for 8 years. Susan Walberg assisted our healthcare facility during this time of transition. Because I had reported directly to an outside organization for guidance in my privacy role in the past, we were in need of an interim Compliance Officer who could guide us along until we established a permanent structure.

Susan reached out to me immediately to introduce herself to see how she could assist me. From our first meeting, she made me feel at ease, she listened intently to what I had to say and was genuinely interested in our organization, asking my feedback, and giving her experiences and knowledge regarding HIPAA and compliance case by case.

Susan had a way of making me feel extremely comfortable in asking any type of question or concern. Susan’s professionalism and honest feedback helped to develop a strong relationship not only with myself but with others throughout our organization.

I would, without a doubt, highly recommend Susan as a consultant for any organization based on her professionalism, strong work ethics, experience, knowledge, and her excellent communication skills. It was an honor to work with her!”

—Donna Schuster, HIMS Director/Privacy Officer/Tanana Valley Clinic
Fairbanks, Alaska

“Susan served as the acting compliance officer for the Centers for Advanced Orthopeadics (CAO) while I was its Executive Director. She worked for me in a consulting relationship and started up the compliance program for CAO, the largest super group of orthopaedic surgeons in the nation. I recommend her to anyone who is looking to significantly improve their compliance program.”
—Dennis Tritinger, Executive Director, Centers for Advanced ENT Care, LLC
Bethesda, Maryland

“Being new to the field of Compliance, I couldn’t have had a more experienced and resourceful consultant for the implementation of a Children’s Hospital Compliance Program, than Susan Walberg. Given the limited resources we had to work with, Susan provided a valuable assessment, not only of the Compliance program needs for the hospital, but also an evaluation of the strengths of the leaders who were involved in Compliance. Through her assessment, Susan was incredibly thorough in ensuring all the basic elements required by the OIG for an effective Compliance program were covered and that I understood which processes needed to be enhanced and the reasons why. Susan has a take-charge attitude and subtle-yet-confident approach which resulted in immediate embracement by our leaders as well as our physicians. Susan possesses a rare combination of skills that include a great deal of knowledge with a significantly strong understanding of the Compliance role in Healthcare. This allowed Susan quickly grasp what our hospital wanted to accomplish through her expertise. Susan communicated the risks we were facing, ideas to minimize these risks, and associated benefits for a strong Compliance program that resulted in buy-in from our hospital Administration. Susan gets results.

My journey into the Compliance field began with the wonderful experience of working with Susan as our consultant. It was the passion and love that Susan has for this very difficult field that motivated me to learn more and continue to grow as a Compliance Officer. Through her mentorship and training, Susan made a significant impact in my understanding of what a successful compliance program should be.

I will be forever grateful!”
—Yvonne (Bonnie) Rodriguez, MBA/HCM, BBM
Compliance Privacy Officer
University Medical Center of El Paso


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