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services-photoOur primary goal is to make sure our clients have effective compliance programs that not only conform to industry standards but that also fit well within the organizational culture. When it comes to compliance programs, one size does not fit all! Different organizations have different needs, budgets, and provide different types of services; the compliance program needs to fit within the business model, not the other way around.

We will work with you to identify your actual needs in order to address your risks without blowing your budget. We want to develop solutions that fit your specific organization and culture, rather than provide you with template policies and checklists that don’t reflect your unique company and mission. We take great pride in helping solve problems in the most practical and efficient way possible, while still meeting compliance standards.

If you have a new or transitioning organization, we can assess, revamp or develop your compliance program, or work with your existing staff to get your program up to speed in the most cost-effective way possible. Maybe you have an employee you would like to move into a compliance role, but they need training to do the job; we can help with that. The goal is to provide you with what you need (but not more!) to protect your organization from compliance risk. Some areas where we can provide compliance program support include:

  • Compliance Program Assessment (This is an activity recommended by the OIG)
  • Compliance Risk Assessment and work plan creation
  • Compliance Program development, including Compliance Plans, Compliance Committee charters, and organizational structure guidance
  • Policies and Procedure review, update, and creation, including Code of Conduct;
  • Review and update Compliance and HIPAA Privacy educational and awareness materials
  • Provide in-person education for employees, leadership, or for the Board as needed;
  • Lead or assist with government audits, investigations, and corrective actions plans and issues such as Corporate Integrity Agreements
  • Conduct internal investigations or reviews
  • Train, mentor, or be ‘on call’ for new Compliance and Privacy Officers
  • Develop specific procedures for risk areas, such as monitoring coding and billing, vendor management processes or contract management processes
  • Interim Compliance Officer services

Every organization is different, and has various needs. We are happy to talk to you about your unique situation and discuss the most efficient way to protect your company against compliance vulnerabilities. Whether you have a big concern, or just a question, feel free to give us a call and we will help sort it out. Compliance is our passion, we are happy to help!

Susan Walberg can be reached at 301.256.5010, or at


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