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Who we are and what we do

SusanPhotoMeet our Principle, Susan Walberg, JD, MPA, CHC
Susan has worked in health care for nearly 30 years, from working as a fraud investigator at a health plan, to a regulatory attorney and privacy officer for a very large health system. She has worked as a compliance officer, and a subcontractor working with CMS on Part C and D Medicare fraud and abuse. Susan has also worked as an interim compliance officer for a range of healthcare organizations, designing and building compliance programs unique to the needs of those organizations. Her specific experiences include helping clients manage a Corporate Integrity Agreement and developing programs for new organizations or those going through an organizational transition. Susan has trained and mentored many new compliance professionals, and strives to help those new to compliance to succeed in their roles. As a consultant, Susan uses her passion for building, creating, and organizing compliance programs along with a true understanding of the needs of healthcare organizations to help create programs that really fit within the each client’s unique culture and environment.

Our history
Compliance Ala Carte was created to provide a more individualized approach to healthcare compliance challenges. Many consultants arrive with a checklist and fee schedule. We do not apply a check-the-box approach, but rather we want to hear what your concerns are and to help you identify the most efficient and effective way to address those. We can supplement a compliance program you already have, by providing policies, updating your Code of Conduct, or conducting an annual risk assessment or compliance program review. Our goal is to help clients reduce compliance risk with actual solutions.

Our mission
Our mission is to provide clients with real compliance support, based on their operational needs (not a checklist) and a solid understanding of the healthcare environment


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